Why Do We Refuse to Learn the Lessons of School Shooters?

It is unpleasant to contemplate. Welcome to The Real World™.How LE and school administrators can train together for active shooter response.

Nobody has been killed in a school fire in the last 50 years, yet we continue to practice fire drills in schools across our nation. It is long overdue that we apply the same preventative measures to a threat that has proven to be more prevalent in recent years. In reality, the greatest lethalness of an active shooter incident ends as soon as, or shortly after, the sound of sirens. So why aren’t we as a society focusing more on efficient training for those who would be involved in the incident prior to the arrival of responders? We absolutely should be.

School fires were once a problem. Hence the drills. And better construction. And sprinklers. And we stopped having kids die in school fires. School fires are an unpleasant topic. But we didn’t say “Wait for the Fire Department, they’re the professionals after all.” Teachers were there. There was a need to take immediate action. And so that duty fell on teachers.

And so we have substitute teachers who don’t know how to lock the doors to their class rooms (Sandy Hook), because that will never happen to us. (Bad things only happen to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.”) And people who think dialogue is the answer, several people have died trying that approach.