Smollett: Some Truth, But Will There Be Justice?

The official info is, as it usually is, very limited in an ongoing investigation. Jussie Smollett assault case has ‘shifted’: Chicago police.

Chicago police said Saturday the investigation into the assault reported by Jussie Smollett has “shifted” due to information received from two brothers questioned in the case, and attorneys for the “Empire” actor blasted reports alleging he played a role in his own attack.

The unofficial story is usually more interesting. New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack: police sources.

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault.

The brothers, who were arrested Wednesday, were released without charges Friday after Chicago police cited the discovery of “new evidence.” The sources told CNN that the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.

But as Second City Cop Points out, the SJWs in charge of Cook County’s Criminal Justice System are unlikely to do anything. Federal Law Violation?

Because if Crimesha doesn’t have a confession, the case is going nowhere. But was we hinted yesterday, it might be out of Crimesha’s hands shortly.

It looks like the only real hope for justice would be if the feds try Smollett for violations involving the US Mail.

The warrant already lists Proof of Residency farther down the receipt. Why seize a magazine? Is this the magazine that might have all the letters cut out of it for the mail threat that was sent from a south side post office to the studio about a month ago? It’s hard to believe that someone would keep that around afterwards, but everyone knows the feds take a very dim view of using the Post Office for anything illegal.