I admit defeat

In terms of making the blog meet the current set of accessibility standards.

The number of themes available that meet those standards (and that are also mobile friendly) is minuscule. And of the ones that do exist, they are not really what I want, because they are mostly about the images, and I am (mostly) about the words.

At some point in the future – I don’t expect it will be soon – the number of accessible themes will grow. Of course given the lack of focus on accessibility I doubt that it will be soon.

2 thoughts on “I admit defeat

  1. You wouldn’t think it would be too much to ask. A mobile-friendly theme, with a right sidebar, that doesn’t have a space for a huge image hard-coded into the HTML or CSS, that doesn’t mess with too much of the formating, doesn’t cut the posts down to a one sentence excerpt… in short a theme like the one I have that would take the links internal to posts and has them be underlined, not just highlighted via text color.

    You would think that wouldn’t be too much to ask, but you would be wrong.


    • And I refuse to sign up for a yearly or monthly fee or whatever for the privilege of FIXING the theme I have, because I have been a user of WP so long, that they are no longer interested in supporting the theme I use? (Even though it has a great mobile version.)

      They are all focused on Gutenberg – their new super-duper, extra-special editor which about 4 people outside of the developers group actually like. It is a pointless waste of time that they intend to shove down our throats, even though it isn’t accessible, and even though no one wants it.


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