The 1993 Attack on the World Trade Center

Stolen shamelessly from myself, from last year, which was the 25th anniversary of the attack. The attack that everyone forgets. (Not that anyone thinks much about Sept. 11, 2001.)

World Trade Center as it was in 1993Today is the 26th anniversary of that first attack on the World Trade Center. The attack that everyone forgets about. Remembering the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing – History in the Headlines

(The linked article is from 6 years ago, so don’t be confused about the dates.)

Ignoring security recommendations has a long history in this country. And it isn’t just restricted to the world of computers and technology.

Safety concerns became apparent as early as 1975, when a disgruntled custodian set a fire in the north tower that caused millions of dollars in damages and prompted calls for the installation of a sprinkler system. A decade or so later, the government agency that owned the World Trade Center began examining possible terrorism threats. But it ended up ignoring many of its security team’s recommendations, including that public parking be eliminated or that cars at least be randomly inspected.

Neither of those recommendations were adopted, and so on February 26th, a van was parked in lower-level garage.

On February 26, 1993, the plotters loaded their homemade bomb, which weighed about 1,200 pounds, into a yellow Ford Econoline van they had rented from a Ryder dealership in New Jersey. Two of them then drove it across the Hudson River into Manhattan, made their way south to the World Trade Center, entered the basement parking garage between the north tower and a hotel, parked in an illegal spot on a ramp, lit four 20-foot fuses, got into a car that had trailed them and sped off.

The bomb exploded at 12:17. Click through to the article to see the aftermath. A lot of it mimicked the evacuation problems that would resurface in 2001.