We Clearly Need Common Sense Cookie Control

I’m not sure if the guy or the cops make this Peak Florida. Florida man arrested for throwing cookie at girlfriend.

A couple gets into a fight. He throws a cookie at her.

In an arrest report, deputies noted that the victim had a red mark on the top of her forehead in her hairline.

Deputies say Smith admitted to throwing the cookie at the woman without her consent.

I think that speaks for itself. Though I’m not at all sure what it says.

5 thoughts on “We Clearly Need Common Sense Cookie Control

  1. Wait … is there a specific prohibition about throwing cookies? What if, instead of a cookie, he threw a peeled, boiled egg? A feather? Do they outlaw throwing everything, one example at a time, or does it outlaw throwing things all at once?

    Seems oddly specific.

    Sounds like she wasn’t hurt, why not something less than arrest?


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