Midweek Link Roundup

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain starts us off with In The Mailbox: 03.03.19.

EBL: Luke Perry, RIP
Twitchy: Former FEC Commish Says Occasional Cortex Could Be Facing Jail Time
Louder With Crowder: Google Searches For Gender Pay Gap, Finds They’re Underpaying Men

And again from Wombat-socho, In The Mailbox: 03.04.19.

EBL: Mind Field – The Stanford Prison Experiment
Twitchy: Here’s Where House Dems Are at On That Anti-Semitism Resolution
Louder With Crowder: Terry Crews Has A Message Woke Liberals Will Hate

MaddMedic of Freedom Is Just Another Word… – Gun Bits ….

“Guns Don’t Kill People, Planned Parenthood Kills People.”: Man Charged With Setting Fire To Abortion Clinic In Missouri..

House Priorities Show Gun Owners Where They Stand With Democrats

MaddMedic also has Gun Bits ….

Local Churchgoers Take Proactive Approach To Thwart Church Shootings..
Our church has a team..

Maggie’s Farm – Tuesday morning links.

Alien species are ‘primary cause’ for global extinctions, study finds
Where Millennials Really Go for Jobs. Contrary to media hype, tech firms and young workers aren’t flocking to “superstar” cities.
Drugs push the US down in global health rankings: America plummets to 35 out of 50 as overdoses and poor diet slash life expectancy
Two Caravans A Week: 70,000 Detained Along The Southern Border In February

Doug Ross brings us Larwyn’s Linx: As collusion case collapses, Democrats turn to obstruction

As collusion case collapses, Democrats turn to obstruction: Buck Sexton
Trump signals White House won’t comply with Democratic probes: Jordan Fabian
Jim Jordan Discusses Border Crisis and Congressional Impeachment Plan: CTH

Doug Ross again with Larwyn’s Linx: Ocasio-Cortez And Her Chief Of Staff ‘Could Be Facing Jail Time’

Mark Levin’s harsh economic reality check for the democratic socialists: Nate Madden
Over 100 House Dems Support Banning Private Health Insurance Plans: Haris Alic
Ocasio-Cortez’s Mom Left New York Because of High Taxes: Jeffrey Cimmino

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: Jordan, Meadows Inform AG Barr of Compromise Within Mueller Probe.

Scandal Central
Forgetting Hanssen: FBI saw agent’s affair as security risk but took little action: John Solomon
Devin Nunes seeks ‘chain of custody’ of dossier and Clinton ties with 32-person list: Daniel Chaitin
Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows refer Michael Cohen to DOJ for alleged perjury: Sara Carter

And finally MaddMedic of Freedom Is Just Another Word… has Tuesday Memes …. They really are worth your time to click thru. (Everyone needs a smile.)