Fake Raid on Drug Warehouse By Cop and Friends

This is what The War on (Some) Drugs™ has done. Instead of enforcing the law… Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty in Sham Drug Warehouse Search Case.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty today to federal charges stemming from the armed robbery of more than a half-ton of marijuana and $645,000 in cash and money orders from a downtown Los Angeles warehouse.

Federal charges? What, the local authorities couldn’t be bothered to prosecute one of their own?

All three men were dressed as LASD deputies, carried holstered firearms and posed as legitimate law enforcement officers executing a search warrant of the warehouse, court documents state. Perez, a convicted felon, also allegedly brandished a rifle. The warehouse search was allegedly staged to look like law enforcement was executing a search warrant, according to federal prosecutors.

He faces “at least” twelve years in prison. His two accomplices face between 5 and 40 years in prison.