Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela….

Maduro blames the USA. Of course he does. In Venezuela, massive blackout continues as Maduro blames U.S. for outages.

CARACAS, Venezuela — One of the severest power outages in Venezuelan history ravaged the country for a second day Friday, with hospital patients languishing in the dark, most supermarkets closed and phone service largely knocked out in the oil-rich but economically collapsing country.

No electricity means no internet. No WhatsApp, no Signal, no F*c*book, etc. Means the peons have no way to communicate what is going on.

Hat tip to Lucianne, and American Thinker, who notes the following.

Socialism has always been about putting a society in a state of war — from the war pronouncements of its leaders yelling revolution to the socialist shortages otherwise seen only in wartime to the socialist efforts to turn neighbor against neighbor, both from class warfare and internal spies for the regime. In Venezuela, there´s a new front — the equivalent of an EMP attack, an attack on all the people, based on the massive and unprecedented electrical blackout still covering the country.


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