Prosecutors Hate Self-defense So Much They Will Send Innocent Men to Prison

JusticeEspecially if racism comes into the mix. John McNeil recounts legal battles after self-defense shooting.

He was in his own yard. Both he and his son were threatened with a knife. He fired a warning shot, but the guy with the knife lunged at him. Cops said it was self-defense, but the DA decided to prosecute. Cops testified for the defense. He was convicted. This was in Georgia. All this in a state that had a Stand Your Ground law in place at the time.

The homeowner who defended himself was black. The guy with the knife was white.

John McNeil spent 6 years in prison for defending himself while black in the State of Georgia.

McNeil was sentenced to life in prison in Georgia after he fatally shot a man who had trespassed on his property and threatened both him and his son with a knife in his own backyard in 2005. McNeil was released from a Georgia prison in 2013 after serving more than six years of that life sentence thanks to a grassroots campaign led by his late wife, Anita, who died of cancer 10 days prior to his release, the NAACP and leaders in Wilson. McNeil had cited the Georgia stand-your ground law.

That DA should be prosecuted from being an asshole racist, but nothing will happen to him.