The Most Misleading Headline of the Day

It isn’t exactly a lie, but it leads you to conclude the exact opposite of what actually happened. Portland’s Police Response Times Are Unchanged, Despite Adding 49 New Cops.

Sounds like the police force in question got stronger by 49 trained officers, doesn’t it? If you think that, you would be wrong.

While the total number of officer hires has increased over the past few years, PPB’s ability to keep them around has plummeted. According to the CBO, Portland has historically seen an average of 10 to 15 percent of all new officers leave PPB before their 18-month probationary period is over. Yet recent data shows that as many as 25 percent of officers hired in the past three years are no longer employed by PPB.

They may have hired 49 warm bodies, but attrition took more than that number out of the department. The total manpower is going down, and yet they are surprised that response times are going up. Or maybe they aren’t surprised and just want to bash cops.

If you read this blog even a little, you will be familiar with my “Cops Behaving Badly” category of postings, and you will know I am not a cheerleader for all cops all the time. But beating up a police department because it can’t get better 911 response with fewer people on the job is low, even for the Left-wing Moonbats in the regular media.

One thought on “The Most Misleading Headline of the Day

  1. Portland city government also has a very high dumbass coefficient being very lenient or even encouraging Anitfa and BLM to roam free and disrupt as much as they can. What self respecting cop wants to put up with that and be disciplined if he interferes with violent “free speech”.Also they welcome an inordinately high of Cali-emigrant drug hungry homeless. New hires move in expecting a laid back community and find just an infested mess.

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