Your Tax Dollars at Work. Or Not

September is the end of the federal government’s fiscal year, so they go crazy with spending. Feds splurge on lobster, pianos, golf carts in race to spend ‘use it or lose it’ budget.

Taxpayers shelled out $97 billion on contracts in September, including a staggering $53 billion in the final week — seven days that cost more than the entire month of August.

As might be expected, the Defense Department was the biggest spender, and the most money went to big-ticket necessities such as fixed-wing aircraft.

But there were also the lobster tail and crab, $163,636 spent on paint brushes, and $7.6 million on workout equipment — including ski equipment for “adults and junior” earmarked to Misawa Air Base in Japan.

The lobster tail purchases in September were a bit more than 10 percent of what the federal government spent on the delicacy the entire year, suggesting only a slightly elevated rate of spending.

But more than a third of the $721,661 agencies spent on pianos came in September.

Because of the way budgeting works in Washington, DC, there is no reason to save money, and lots of reasons not to.