Candace Owens On Celebrity Hubris

Candace Ownes seems to be producing a series of short videos for Prager University. I wanted to title this post “Celebrity Insanity,” but hubris works.

This is not the one that I tripped over first, but it seems to be the first in the series. And it is great. Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think. I’m sure they won’t believe her. (I don’t know if YouTube treats video like this the way they treat music videos, but if they tell you the video is unavailable, use the link above.)

And of course she still has her own YouTube channel. It is worth checking out.


3 thoughts on “Candace Owens On Celebrity Hubris

  1. Prager University seems to have given her a show. I saw a blurb yesterday for the premier episode, and looking for it this morning find two episodes.


    • It’s OK. WordPress – in their ever present efforts to be helpful in ways that are sometimes not helpful – intercepts everything that looks like YouTube and converts it to an embed.


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