Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

The Power outage has entered its 4th day, though there were some reports that the power was “flickering” ‘This Is Going To End Ugly’: Venezuela’s Power Outage Drags On.

“The food we had in our refrigerators has spoiled. Businesses are closed. There’s no communication, not even by cell phone,” 49-year-old Ana Cerrato told Reuters. “We need help! We are in a humanitarian crisis!”

I want you to think about 5 days without electricity. The food in fridge is gone. The food in your freezer is on its way to gone. You can’t cook – except on a BBQ, assuming you have gas or charcoal. And something to eat. The stores aren’t in much better shape, but in Venezuela they haven’t had much in the stores for a while.

After 3 or 4 days institutions that have backup generators are running out of fuel. Water systems breakdown. Hospitals struggle. Communication. What will you do if you can’t call the police, or an ambulance?

Maduro blames the US, but has provided no proof.

Meanwhile, the opposition has said the blackout is the result of years of incompetence that has caused the power grid to deteriorate.

Because that’s what government control usually amounts to.