Self-defense in the Windy City

The involvement of the kid – telling him to try and cancel the 911 call – should make everyone mad, but will be ignored by the media. Boy calls for help after dad’s shot in Loop apartment.

A child called 911 after his father was shot in self-defense by a woman in their Loop high-rise apartment on Sunday morning, according to dispatch records and Chicago police.

The boy, whose age is not known, called 911 at 10:53 a.m. and reported that his father had been shot. Minutes later, the boy called 911 again and told a dispatcher that he was pulling a prank, then he hung up.

Turns out it was some kind of domestic dispute and he was shot in self-defense. It doesn’t say, but I think it’s implied that he told the kid to call back 911 and call off the response. The police didn’t pay attention to the 2nd call. The woman who did the shooting suffered a broken hand and bruises.

Anyway they took the guy who got shot to the hospital, and then they arrested him.