The Obama Administration’s Efforts to Destroy Schools

Most of my family worked as educators, so this topic has always been close to my heart. Education: Restoring Discipline–Slowly.

Under the banor of Social Justice, the Obama Administration pressured schools to turn a blind eye to minority students who were criminally disruptive to education. This was to “short-circuit the school-to-prison pipeline.” It left violent criminals in the schools. Teachers and students were harassed and attacked. Learning was completely disrupted. But apparently that qualifies as social justice.

This was a signature policy of the Obamites, often running under the banner of “restorative justice.” It relied on a surface reading of statistics: Black kids are suspended far more often than white kids. Of course, white kids are suspended far more often than Asian kids, and males are suspended far more often than females, but Obamites didn’t bother to look into why Black kids are suspended more often. The mere fact they were—and are—told them schools are irredeemably racist–facts didn’t matter–and the only remedy was to make it impossible for Black, and other favored minority victims groups of, kids to be disciplined or suspended.

The Parkland shooter “benefited” from this insanity. How’d that work out?

As they say, go read the whole thing.