Cop Uses Official Database to Try and Get Dates

It’s Florida, expect anything. A Florida cop allegedly used a police database as a dating service. He called 150 women, authorities say..

According to the chief, her department learned that Marines allegedly had used a sensitive database to mine information for his own personal dating service.

“To get right to the root of the matter, Leonel Marines was not utilizing this data for law enforcement purposes whatsoever,” Bevan said. “Instead, he was using it in a variety of ways — from social media, cold telephone calls, visits to their home under the guise of being there for police business, you name it — trying to get dates with these women. He was very persistent and successful at times in his efforts to do so.”

His exploits are spelled out in detail including the people who tripped him up. He resigned before he could be fired, but there is a criminal investigation going on, which is being handled by the FBI.

The Bradenton Chief of Police, Melanie Bevan, was shocked and dismayed. But I just can’t believe that no one in the department knew what was going on. They just didn’t care. (Does this rise to the level of Peak Florida? Maybe not.) Hat Tip to The Daley Gator.