Self-defense Is Legal In North Carolina, and Prosecutors Hate That

The guy was threatened with a pipe and fired one shot. Alexander County man found not guilty in 2016 fatal self-defense shooting.

An Alexander County man charged with first-degree murder has been found not guilty by a jury following nearly three years of legal proceedings.

The guy was in possession of the pipe, but the DA had to ruin this guy’s life – or 3 years of it anyway.


One thought on “Self-defense Is Legal In North Carolina, and Prosecutors Hate That

  1. Classic example of “The Process Is The Punishment”. The DA made this man a victim a second time….the first was when he was assaulted and the second was when the DA attempted to deprive him of his freedom for having the temerity to defend himself. The persecutorial victim may have beaten the charge but it no doubt cost him TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, thousands of hours of his time and UNTOLD STRESS that likely will lead to PTSD and other health problems. And as for the DA…….not a DAMN THING will happen to him.

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