Saturday Links

The Silicon Graybeard – The New Threat to Your Retirement Savings.

And again from The Silicon Graybeard – Just A Coincidence, I’m Sure. Raise minimum wage and watch minimum wage jobs go away.

The O.K. Corral – Justice For Thee, Not For Me. On the 2 tiered Justice system currently in existence.

Blazing Cat Fur – Washington State legislators might soon legalize homeless encampments on streets, sidewalks, and parks. I’m sure that will improve the standard of living.

Don Surber – Gillette flees SJW land. More on the “Get Woke, Go Broke” front.

Ninety Miles from Tyranny – Obama DOJ Told FBI Not To Charge Hillary, Lisa Page Reveals What The ‘Insurance Policy’ Was.

The Other McCain – Tucker Carlson: Sorry, Not Sorry.

The Right Scoop – Washington State to Churches: ‘Pay for Abortions or SUE!’. What First Amendment?

The View From North Central Idaho – Gun Control Advocate Reality Distortion Field.

Pirate’s Cove – Bummer: Maine Becomes Latest State To Reject A Carbon Tax. Because we have to do something about Hot-Cold-Wet-Dry. (The term William Teach uses for Global Warming Climate Change.)

Second City Cop – Inadequate Training?. On the state of the Chicago PD Forensics lab and the impact on the Justice system.

The Daley Gator – And the Left’s mask slips some more.

A Maryland Democrat decided the hounds of approved thinking should be released on anyone accused of “wrong think”

The Geller Report – Minneapolis’ ‘Little Mogadishu’ Sees 56 Percent Increase in Violent Crimes Caused by Somali Muslim Gangs.

I hope you weekend is off to a good start.