There’s a Gun-owners Group In Boston?

The Pink Pistols have been in the news on and off since 2016, and The Pulse Nightclub attack. The Pink Pistols: Armed Against Homophobia.

First up, what are the Pink Pistols?

The mottos of the Pink Pistols say it all: “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed” and “We Teach Queers to Shoot and We Teach the World We Did It.”

The Boston Pink Pistols meet ups are designed to share gun affinity and instruction amongst the LGBTQ community

As the main guy interviewed says, it’s about changing the perception of the threat-level.

The one interesting thing about this article is that it acknowledges the bigotry against gun-owners coming from the Left.

“It’s easier being ‘out’ in the ‘gun community’ than it is being an gun owner in the queer community,” Grossman explained. “Generally, this is a function of issue bundling—guns are considered a ‘conservative thing,’ and queers are assumed to be progressives. Whenever you cross the streams, as it were, you can expect some push back.”

It’s more a function of the fact that the Left demands that everyone think and act exactly the same. Diversity in all things, except thought.

The Pink Pistols site is at this link.