Is Tesla Seeing an Increase in Workplace Accidents?

I couldn’t find anything about this in the US media. Krankenstand unter Tesla-Mitarbeitern hat sich binnen Jahresfrist verdreifacht – OR – sick leave among Tesla employees has tripled within a year.

And yes, it is in German, but Google Translate will do a fair job with German. (Chrome will – or can anyway – invoke it automatically.)

The sharp increase in absenteeism indicates that more serious accidents are occurring, says Deborah Berkowitz. She headed the [OSHA] under President Barack Obama and calls the number “alarming”. It is worrying that the average absence has risen from 35 to 66 days.

Tesla denies the conclusion, and to their credit, while employment and hours have increased, the number of accidents per hour-worked has remained fairly constant. Which isn’t great, but isn’t horrible. And considering they are spending millions on “safety” really isn’t good.