The Other McCain on NYC-style Feminism

This would be funny (and parts of it are) but the truth is, it’s really a sad commentary on the state of our society. Feminism, Darwinism, and the Extinction of Women Like Sophie Vershbow.

Let me explain, for anyone who may need this explanation, why FEMINIST RANTING IN ALL CAPS ON TWITTER is not a good look for any woman who is not a lesbian employed by a left-wing 501(c)3. Like, if you’re on the payroll at Planned Parenthood and have zero interest in male companionship, you can rant in capital letters to your heart’s content, but if you’re a heterosexual woman employed in the private sector . . . Well, it’s not a good look.

I was tempted to just throw this into the Saturday links, but it really is too good to pass up. A longish read, but worth your time. (And it shouldn’t need saying, but see this link for the disclaimer.)