More on the Decline and Fall of Seattle

Business people are disgusted with the situation they find themselves in. Seattle business owner frustrated over repeat offenders chases, tackles a gunman.

It’s the same business Q13 News talked to just last month about repeat offenders targeting their store. The significance of Friday’s incident isn’t just about the play by play of what happened, it’s a prime example of the mounted frustrations of business owners in Seattle who say the city is out of control.

He calls 911 nothing happens. Even if the cops show up and arrest people, in the end nothing happens. Now they feel like fools calling 911 hundreds of times.

And these people are not stealing candy bars. The guy he tackled stole a $3000 guitar last week. He was back this week. How much should the good-people of Seattle have to endure?

I’m dumping this into “Defenseless Victim Zones” because although Washington State has a long history of legally supporting self-defense, this situation is similar to leaving people with no means of defense. The courts, are supposed to help maintain law and order. That’s not happening in Seattle.

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