The Statistics on Cyber Attacks

The statistics, as always, are interesting. Cybercrime by the numbers: Corporate ‘consequences’ mount to $13M.

$13 million: The average cost of cybercrime for a company in 2018

Cybercrime hit the banking and utility sectors the hardest; both industries faced an increase from 2017. In 2018, cybercrime cost the banking industry about $18 million and utilities about $17.8 million.

The public sector suffers the least financial burden of cybercrime, with an average cost of almost $8 million in 2018, according to the report.

Though some will pay more. Atlanta spent more than 13 million.

The rate of cyber attacks increase 67 percent.

Malware costs rose 11 percent.

And there is real concern about how long a company can survive if they can’t function. If a small company can’t take orders for a week, then they may lose customers, and not just for that week. Though only one third of companies view cyber attacks as a threat to growth.