Cops Killing Dogs and Qualified Immunity

The numbers – even if you don’t believe the worst set – are enough to make you question why. Don’t shoot the dogs: The growing epidemic of cops shooting family dogs.

Consider that if you kill a police dog, you could face a longer prison sentence than if you’d murdered someone or abused a child.

If a cop kills your dog, however, there will be little to no consequences for that officer.

Not even a slap on the wrist.

As they say, go read the whole thing.


One thought on “Cops Killing Dogs and Qualified Immunity

  1. It’s been reported that on average badgemonkeys kill family pets once every 90 minutes……24 hours a day EVERY DAY all year long. And they do this fundamentally BECAUSE THEY CAN. There is NO mechanism in place anywhere to prevent it, to punish them when they do it or to hold them accountable in any fashion. EVEN WHEN CAUGHT ON VIDEO lying about the event they STILL get a ‘free pass’ to commit felony level crime. This happens for a simple reason. Those in power are sending a message. And that message is WE and our HIRED THUGS can do ANYTHING to ANYONE at ANY TIME and NEVER have to worry about being held accountable. We’re willing to kill puppies JUST FOR FUN…..and we’ll just as happily KILL YOU if you don’t bow and scrape. Badgemonkeys are almost invariably sociopaths. The job now REQUIRES it.


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