Chicago PD: Still Putting the “Criminal” In “Criminal Justice System”

JusticeSo they raid a house, where the person they were looking for hadn’t lived in 5 years. They point guns at kids and destroy a birthday cake. Because apparently they thought the bad guy might be hiding in the middle of a kid’s birthday party. Or something.

And when asked for the warrant, they didn’t follow policy. Family To Sue CPD Over Wrongful Raid; Claiming Police Pointed Guns At Children, Didn’t Promptly Provide Warrant.

The children’s aunt, Kiqiana Jackson, said she repeatedly asked officers to see the search warrant, but she was denied, even though Chicago Police’s own search warrant policy says warrants need to be turned over “promptly.”

“I wanted to know why were they there. Who are you? Show us a search warrant,” Jackson said. “I guess I asked for a search warrant one too many times, and [an officer] was like, ‘Arrest her.’”

She disrespected their authority. They cannot allow that. Even if it is the law. Even if it is policy. You shut up and do what the cops tell you or they will make your life hell. Because the can. (Welcome to the police state.)

They still haven’t turned over all the body cam footage, and the family maintains that they wouldn’t give badge numbers/obscured badge numbers. Which is a no-no, on the best of days. And this wasn’t the best of days.

CBS 2 Investigators have been looking at Chicago Police wrong raids since August of 2018. To date, we have shown four cases, involving 11 children, where police held innocent families for long periods of time without showing them the warrants.

Because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights means nothing to Chicago PD. Oh, and they aren’t too good about getting the RIGHT FUCKING HOUSE.

The federal lawsuit is the fourth case filed by attorney Al Hofeld Jr. accusing police of using excessive force while raiding the wrong homes on the South and West sides.

For those of you not familiar with Chicago, the South and West sides are (mostly) those area that have been inhabited by the black residents of the city. But you probably deduced that, didn’t you. And besides, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution has been destroyed by the War on (Some) Drugs™ or the War on Terror, or something.