Active Shooter Drill Actually Teaches a Lesson

I never think that they admit “we need to do better” after these drills. Hospital violent intruder drill identifies issues.

Communication problems were identified as a major concern during the exercise, with police officers unable to communicate with each other by radio or cell phone, and also unable to communicate with Incident Central Command.

The problem, however, had been anticipated because of a prior tabletop exercise, Kim Lockard, WMMC Emergency Management program administrator, said.

The hospital will get a receiver to correct communication problems, she said.

Usually I see these as PR stunts around the, “See how well prepared we are” scenario. So that people can feel safe, even if they aren’t really safe.


3 thoughts on “Active Shooter Drill Actually Teaches a Lesson

  1. It’s all about appearances. Recently our community made news as part of a killing spree by an illegal alien. All the females working at the local hospital freaked the hell out…..wanting to be walked to their cars at end of shift and making a big production about feeling unsafe. The hospital FINALLY broke down and hired a “Security team”…..consisting of exactly NOBODY with prior LEO experience.
    One is a chubby female, another is a middle aged man who’s waist size has to be roughly equal to his height……and NONE of them are armed. As stated it’s ALL ABOUT APPEARANCES. If a truly evil person decides to go postal in this hospital all this “security team’ is going to accomplish is to ADD TO THE BODY COUNT. And when the admin team says ” the building is locked after hours so you’re safe” I made the very cogent statement about the GLASS ENTRYWAYS that anyone with a
    fu**ing brick HAS A KEY! They REALLY hated that statement.

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