Self-defense Is Legal in Tennessee

A lot of DA’s hate self-defense. This is either one that doesn’t, or the office realized that sometimes it really is self-defense. District Attorney General not filing charges against stabbing victim who shot, killed Memphis man.

So the dead guy stabs another guy. That guy who got stabbed, shoots and kills the dead guy. It would be hard to argue in court that he didn’t fear death or grave bodily injury, since he had already suffered that injury.

The DA’s office said they declined to file charges against the man because they determined that his actions were in self-defense.

The guy who did the shooting is in a hospital, and is expected to survive.

Self-defense is a human-right.

One thought on “Self-defense Is Legal in Tennessee

  1. An enormous number of people fear guns yet somehow do NOT fear edged weapons. Those who know fear knife attacks…..BIG TIME. A motivated person with a very sharp knife can do a helluva lot
    of damage in just a couple of seconds if they get within arms reach. The old saying about knife fights is the loser dies in the parking lot while the winner dies in the ambulance on the way to ER.
    Knives are nothing to sneer at, they’ve been shuffling people of this mortal coil for millennia.

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