Another Organization Underestimates Ransomware Complexity

They got hit on Tuesday, and expected to be back on Wednesday. They were not back on Friday. Genesee County, Michigan Recovering from Ransomware Attack.

Genesee County, Michigan was hit with a ransomware attack on Tuesday and the county has been working non-stop to get their systems back online. Unfortunately, this process turned out to be more difficult than expected and system are still down.

And by that they mean, you can’t contact them by email, they can’t process payments, or do most anything that requires a computer.

I wonder how often their IT support organization asked for more money to beef up security/backups/whatever and were turned down.

They hope to have operations back to normal by Monday. At least they didn’t pay the ransom. (If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.)


One thought on “Another Organization Underestimates Ransomware Complexity

  1. I radiate people as a career…..have been doing it for 4+ decades. For a dozen years of that 40 I wore a second hat as a Network Administrator….I am self taught regarding computers and networks…
    and I can tell you with certainty that the number one threat to ANY network at ANY business or corporation including hospitals are the employees. They routinely use crappy passwords that are easy to guess, they constantly bring in USB thumb drives infected with viruses and malware and plug them into work PC’s providing hackers inside access to networks and the number one faux pas
    they commit is using work PC’s to surf the web and read personal emails where they open a malicious email attachments and click on blind links that download viruses and malware. Hackers these days really don’t need to work hard to access 99% of the networks open to them on the web.
    Stupid people do all the hard work for them.


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