Because Big Corporations Prefer Their Employees To Be Disarmed Victims

Even if they end up being dead victims. Gas station clerk fired for shooting armed robber: Problem Solvers Investigation.

Guy working in a Shell station is confronted by an armed robber. He pulls out his legally-concealed handgun and shoots said robber in the stomach. But that isn’t the end of the story.

Suncor, the company that owns the Shell gas station and convenience store, had every right to fire the employee. “Although this may have played out in a way that was self-defense, they (Suncor) may view it as a bad idea to have employees generally armed because the next person might misread a situation and shoot a customer,” he said.

And if the next clerk ends up dead, well that is the cost of doing business. Of course it’s a cost not impacting the suits who make those policies.

And it isn’t just gas-station companies. Big pizza chains like their delivery drivers disarmed as well. I really wish someone would publish a definitive list.


2 thoughts on “Because Big Corporations Prefer Their Employees To Be Disarmed Victims

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  2. dead employees are known cost,can be insured.
    dead robbers is an unknown cost, cannot be covered.
    bean counter rules.



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