Self-defense In Iowa

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. What happens then will surprise no one. Police: Man dies of gunshot wounds after Sioux City home invasion.

After an altercation in one house, this guy jumps out of a 2nd story window, and runs a short distance, and then breaks into a second house. He meets an armed homeowner in that second house.

Cut by the broken glass and leaving a blood trail, he ran through alleys, and then broke into the home at 1321 24th St. at about 8:30 a.m., police Det. John Sanders said. The intruder reportedly struggled with a male homeowner, who was armed with a gun to protect himself.

A single shot was fired. The home-invader was taken to a local hospital, where he died from his wound.

It is quite a long article, including a definition of “Stand Your Ground,” the law in Iowa since 2017, and a short discussion of reasonable force.

Self-defense is a human-right.