They Will Shoot You Over a Case of Bud Light

Somewhere along the way, Americans lost respect for human-life. 2 arrested after clerk’s nephew shot trying to stop man from stealing beer from Oldham County Circle K.

This isn’t about self-defense, or about how cooperating with criminals will not ensure your safety. This is about the collapse of civilized society.

They were stealing a 30 pack of Bud Light. A clerk’s nephew tried to stop them, so they shot him.

My local grocery store doesn’t stock 30 packs, but their website says they sell a 24 pack for $18 and change. Even if we think the Circle K was charging $30 bucks, to shoot someone over 30 dollars shows something about the state of civilization. They didn’t kill the guy they shot, but they could have. It didn’t seem to bother them at all.

They went home and hid the beer in the woods and buried the gun in the yard. (Not the sharpest tools in the shed.)

Police arrested 18-year-old Austin Ransdell of Crestwood and 19-year-old Andrew Tetidrick of La Grange. Both are charged with robbery and assault.

They face 20 years in prison, and they didn’t even get to drink any of the beer. The case was found unopened.