Chicago Cops STILL Don’t Realize They Are on Camera

Chicago PD: Still putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice System. ‘It’s tragic’: Video shows Chicago police officers hitting, dragging student down stairs.

The video doesn’t agree with what the cops said happened. They charged a 16 year-old student with felony assault. Video got those charges dropped.

And of course there is a law suit. Probably needs to be a law suit.

Dnigma was initially charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery, but had the charges dropped a week later “in the interest of justice,” prosecutors said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The suit also alleges the officers “made deliberately false statements about the incident,” including that the teen swung at them and that she became irate and initiated the physical altercation.

Bullies with a badge. No longer having their own way. You would think that in 2019, they would have figured this out.

I predict the city will pay the suit, and the officers who lied, threw a student down the stairs and then taser her while on the ground will remain on the force. (That’s what unions are for!)