If You’re White, You’re Bad – So Says the Left

This has been evident for a while, but it is nice to see it spelled out so clearly. Congratulations You’re a Racist.

Do you disagree with Representative Omar? You’re a bigot. Do you think the borders should be protected and laws enforced? Here’s you hood, racist. Do you support a policy that breezed past Trump on a November wind? White Nationalist! If you aren’t labeled as one already, you will be soon!

I thought this was clear when the only reason you would not want Obamacare is because RACIST. Or if you thought the gift to Iran to delay their nuclear program by two weeks was a bad idea, it was only because you were prejudiced against a black President. Policy? Ethics? Racist!

But Omar has thrown the whole double standard of what kind of talk is allowed into the spotlight. As they say, go read the whole thing. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)