No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Oh, and self-defense is legal in Florida. Largo Police: Good Samaritan Acted in Self Defense When He Shot Man.

He was down in the road, and people thought he had been hit by a car. They called for help and urged him to wait for that help.

Police said Girardin turned toward both men who were following him, produced a box cutter, and charged at them in a threatening manner. The witness, who was standing next to the Good Samaritan, said he was in fear for his life. The Good Samaritan fired one round from his weapon, striking Giradin in the upper left leg. The Good Samaritan then applied a belt on Giradin’s leg to act as a tourniquet. Largo Fire Rescue arrived about that time.

The guy who got shot is in the hospital. Police are investigating charges of aggravated assault against this guy with the DA’s office. They have said the Good Samaritan acted in self-defense. Which is a human-right. And in Florida, it is your legal right.