Snowpack Above Average in California

I blame Global Warming. Or Climate Change. What the Latest Eastern Sierra Snowpack Measurement Means for the LA Aqueduct.

The final snowpack measurement in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains showed levels well above average after winter’s unrelenting storms in California.

Snowpack is 162 percent of average over the entire state.

The only thing amazing about this story is that NBC Los Angeles has to define “aqueduct” in a city that has relied on an aqueduct for its drinking water for more than 20 years. They also feel they have to emphasize that snow melts in the spring, and note that gravity makes water run downhill. For that blinding ignorance, thank a teacher’s union.

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  1. We have had 6 months of winter here. As my Most Dearest says: If we didn’t have Global Warming, would we have 8 months of winter???

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