Florida Man Strikes Again

There were so many options for the “Florida Man” story today.

This is actually from a while back, but if I had seen the story when it was new, it would definitely have been the Peak Florida. Police: Naked man takes cash, hot dogs from Little League concession stand in Florida. This happened on April 7.

A naked man broke into a concession stand at a Little League baseball field in Florida earlier this month, causing nearly $5,000 worth of damage, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

And this guy gets points for having pallet forks on his tractor. A Florida man didn’t want his wife to leave the house, so he got in his tractor.

Can you guess that they are “estranged?” When she got in her truck to leave, he jumped on his tractor and barreled through a fence.

The victim then said that Stewart used the pallet forks on the front of the tractor to hit her driver side rear window and door. Damage to her vehicle could be clearly seen and matched with her statement, according to the deputy’s report.

My theory is that Global Warming is to blame.