Armed Homeowner Interrupts Burglary

Cops scooped up 2 of three people. Deputies release name of suspect they are searching for in Seminole County burglary.

A homeowner came home to find 2 people inside his home. At least one of them was armed, and the homeowner (Florida) was also armed.

According to deputies, a person returned to their home on Virginia Avenue in unincorporated Altamonte Springs at 1:15 p.m. to find two people in the home.

Deputies said one of those people was armed and the homeowner shot at the suspects. No one was injured.

Two people were arrested when they abandoned their car a short distance away, (one of them may have been released – the other story I read on this incident wasn’t very clear) and they released the name – and there’s a photo at the link above – of the person they are searching for.

Investigators are still looking for Daquon Atkins.

Deputies said he is considered armed and dangerous.

So it’s a good thing the homeowner had a concealed carry permit. Since no one got shot, this will likely fall through all the statistical counts on self-defense.