Relying On The State May Not Be Your Best Bet In All Cases

I usually talk about 911 and calling police, but this is about a call for an ambulance. Hollister woman questions counties emergency response.

“I found my loved one in the backyard on the cement not able to speak to me. So I immediately called 911,” Eva Sosa said.

Sosa says within minutes, the fire department and police arrived, but to her shock they had to wait about 30 more minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

The county hasn’t said specifically what caused the 30 minute delay, but they did say there were only two ambulances on duty at the time. So were they tied up at other calls? It is impossible to say, but that seems to be where they are pointing us. Adding more ambulances into the mix “just based on our call volume they wouldn’t be utilized, and it would be a waste.”

Cities and counties don’t have unlimited budgets, though when you look at some of the crazy ways they spend money it sure looks like some people think so. Whether police or EMT or Fire services, they are going to staff based on expected call volume. Which probably means that they will get caught short at some point and someone will have to wait. Life isn’t perfect, and nothing is free.

And even if there is an ambulance/cop/firetruck just sitting and waiting for your call, odds are they are not sitting in your driveway, or even at the end of the block. It will take them some time to reach you. Hopefully not 30 minutes, but not 0 minutes either. Having a Plan B, aside from calling 911, might be a good idea.