What Anti-vaxxers Have Done in Europe

Because they can. Measles infected 34,000 in Europe in two months, says WHO.

Those 34,000 people caught a preventable disease in the first two months of 2019.

A highly contagious disease, measles can cause blindness, deafness, brain damage, and even death.

13 people have died as part of this outbreak.

3 thoughts on “What Anti-vaxxers Have Done in Europe

  1. I’d like to see numbers for the complications (blindness, deafness, brain damage, etc.). To be honest, 13 out 34,000 sounds like pretty good odds at .038%. I believe that if you’re not in an usual situation, you probably face that order of risk several times every day. If you’re driving a lot, I’d wager it’s higher than that.

    Not to defend anti-vaxxers. My kids were vaccinated, and I wouldn’t dream of not doing getting vaccinations, I’m just saying if their argument is you have a.038% chance of dying by not getting the vaccine maybe you need a better argument. Remember, we live in a world where people think it’s more dangerous to live near a nuclear power plant than to drive long distances to get away from one. Perception of risk is pretty different from reality.

    I’m old enough to have had the measles while growing up. Actually, I had measles, mumps and rubella, the MMR vaccine. I remember waiting in line to get the Sabin (oral) polio vaccine.

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