An Article Extolling the Virtues of the 2nd Amendment?

No surprise it isn’t in the mainstream media. Why are Indian American convenience store workers easy targets? Is not owning guns a factor?.

Working in convenience stores is a dangerous thing. Late-night hours. Cash. Few employees and few customers.

Then there is the lack of firearms.

He said that another reason maybe because most Indian Americans don’t keep guns. “Even though I haven’t studied the statistics for that could be that most robbers know that often Indians do not keep guns with them,” Patel said. “Among white or Chinese store owners, it is more likely that you would find them with a gun in their business. Robbers may take advantage of this fact, too.”

That’s not the only reason, of course and the article covers a lot of those other factors. But treating the lack of firearms and training as an issue is something you would never seen in the mainstream press.


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  1. Some Indian Americans own a store near me. The topic came up one day. I’m fairly sure they have multiple guns prepositioned, and I’m guessing a shotgun under the counter pointing out.

    He just grins and neither confirms nor denies. But the thug-looking guy who started the conversation got out of there fast.

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