Standing In His Own Yard While Black

I really need to create the “Cops Behaving Stupidly” category. Because, let’s face it, not all of them are running on full thrusters. ‘You Called Me Three Different Names!’ Houston Homeowner Explains Why He Refused to be Arrested by Deputy Who Mistook Him for Fugitive.

I don’t usually feed the trolls with stories that are going to explode on their own, but this cop has to be the stupidest I’ve read about all year.

Clarence Evans was in the yard tossing a ball with his 6-year-old son on May 8 when a deputy arrived at his home.

“He said there was a report of a stolen dog,” Evans told KPRC on May 13. “Then he asks me for my ID, and I said I felt I didn’t need to give that.”

It was after his refusal, Evans said, that the officer, who has been identified as Deputy Garrett Lindley, “grabbed me.” Then his wife Kelly Evans began recording the now-viral Facebook video about a minute into the confrontation.

The description of the interaction is fairly comical, as long as you can ignore the very real possibility that the cop could shoot this guy at any minute.

Why was the cop mistaken? Because both this guy and the fugitive are black and have dreadlocks. I guess this cop doesn’t see too many people sporting dreadlocks.

A second deputy arrives on the scene. He hands the deputy attempting to apprehend Clarence Evans his phone and that deputy shows the homeowner a photo of the suspect.

“Doesn’t that look a lot like you?” the deputy asks.

“No! That don’t look like me! What the f— is wrong with you, man?!” Evans shouts. “You trying to say because I’ve got dreads and I’m black that’s me?!”

Did someone say lawsuit? Yeah, there’s a lawsuit. But can you sue a cop for being a complete idiot?