Harvard Lampoon Staff Apologizes For Being Antisemitic Jerks

I had to edit the headline of this post a couple times. These guys are more than idiots. Harvard Magazine Apologizes for Lewd Lampoon of Holocaust Icon Anne Frank. (They get the literary-reference facepalm.)

Following a social media outcry and protests from students and Jewish officials, The Harvard Lampoon, a campus satirical magazine, apologized Tuesday for printing a doctored photograph mocking one of the most iconic of Holocaust victims, Anne Frank.

How can you be that freakin’ tone-deaf, and still manage to be student in the Ivy League? I think this says something about how far the institutions of higher learning have fallen.

The New York Times prints antisemitic cartoons in their international division, and less than a month later Harvard does this. With a couple of synagogue shootings as backdrop. I wonder how many of the editors and staff members are Journalism majors.

The Left is going off the deep end. (So does Antifa remind you of the Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts?)