Baltimore STILL Suffering from Ransomware

I feel like they are in the mode “search for the scapegoat.” Baltimore Council President Scott to form panel to examine city’s cybersecurity after crippling computer hack.

I wonder if his panel will discover past requests for IT support dollars that were deemed not important. Any bets? (On whether there were requests, or on whether his panel will find evidence of them?)

The ransomware attack last week on the city’s computer network has caused widespread problems across agencies, including shutting down systems essential for completing home sales in Baltimore.

“This cyberattack against Baltimore city government is a crisis of the utmost urgency,” Scott said.

Actually this guy said, after the previous hack, that they weren’t spending enough on IT security. But it’s easy for one politician to say “we should fix this.”

A review of city budgets shows that certain elements of cybersecurity strategy has lagged as funding has declined.

After they suffered a MAJOR attack about a year ago, funding for security DECLINED. They deserve whatever they get. And what they’ve got is, they can’t pay bills or accept payments. So there’s that.

Security isn’t free. It takes software, and people (who need training regularly) and probably outside audits. Oh, and training so people outside of IT don’t click on spear-phishing emails.

And people ask me why I will never work in Information Technology again. I don’t know how to do something with nothing. I can’t put 10 pounds in a 5-pound bag, not matter how loud you scream. And public bureaucracies aren’t that much different than private. (The best plan, in case of emergency, is to keep your resume updated on your PC at home.)

2 thoughts on “Baltimore STILL Suffering from Ransomware

  1. I keep thinking about a J.R.R. Tolkien quote…

    “The burned hand teaches best. After that, advice about fire goes to the heart.”

    It’s from The Two Towers if memory serves.

    It’s like the City of Baltimore burned their hand on a hot stove, then turned all the burners up to high, and jumped on the cooktop.


  2. I’m an xray tech by trade….4+ decades at it. I am self taught on computers and networking and spent 12 years as a network admin in a hospital ( radiology departments are now HIGHLY dependent on computers and networks). It’s been my experience that the people who rise to
    the level of running an IT department are the ones proficient at bullshitting….not actually doing
    the work ( a phenomenon that is not uncommon). So they may talk the talk….because it’s easy
    to convince someone who knows NOTHING about IT that you are good at it even if you aren’t.
    In short the incompetents run the IT department while the competent ones who CAN do the job
    don’t like the BS and politics so they don’t seek management positions. The OTHER issue regarding
    cybersecurity, malware and especially ransomware is the propensity for idiots with computers and
    access to a company’s internal network to click on blind links, open email attachments and perform
    other blatantly stupid actions that give hackers easy access to systems that they can then take advantage of. The smartest IT people in the world running the best and latest software can EASILY
    be ruined by one moron with access to a company PC.

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