And God’s Ocean

Gothic Metal is often too brooding for me, but I’ve been fascinated by a German band who named themselves in Latin since I stumbled across them a couple of years ago. Lacrimas Profundere means “to shed tears” in Latin. And they mostly live up (live down?) to that name with a lot of brooding songs, but I still like a lot of their work. At least they’ve abandoned the Doom Metal that they started out with.

Technically it is Heavy Metal, but this song sounds more like a power ballad. I leave it to you to decide.

This song is “And God’s Ocean” by Lacrimas Profundere from their 2008 album Songs for the Last View. (So far YouTube isn’t tripping over my security settings, if you have problems, use the link above.)

And while they may be singing in English, it is Heavy Metal. So you can find the lyrics are this link.