Cyber Attacks Against Infrastructure – The New Battlefield

There isn’t a lot of new information here (they talk about attacks going back to Stuxnet and WannaCry), but the fact that it is Business Insider, and not a technical journal I take as a step in the right direction. Cyber-attacks are the newest frontier of war, and can strike harder than a natural disaster. Here’s why the US could struggle to cope if it got hit..

Nowadays nations have the ability to cause war-like damage to their enemy’s vital infrastructure without launching a military strike, helped along by both new offensive technology and the inexorable drive to connect more and more systems to the internet.

So why are people putting this stuff on the internet? Because it’s cool, or something. No critical infrastructure should be available via the public internet. It should probably not be accessible via a corporate intranet. What part of “critical infrastructure and hackers don’t mix” are the geniuses confused about?

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