Georgia Town Says Privacy = No Response to a Burglar Alarm

Want to get police response to your burglar alarm? Then you have to put cameras in your home and connect them to the internet. Because that never ends badly. Confusion abounds over new Sandy Springs alarm law.

Under the law, police officers will not respond to home and business burglary alarms without video, audio or in-person verification that a crime is occurring.

So basically if you value your privacy, you are screwed in terms of having a burglar alarm in Sandy Spring.

Now I get the police position. 90 percent (or more) of burglar alarms are false alarms. And besides…

The chief told residents huddled around him Monday night that the average burglar alarm response time is 40 minutes, which he said is basically useless because a criminal is almost always gone by then.

Under those conditions, why bother with a monthly fee? Though hopefully the fire department can get their faster in the event of a smoke-detector going off.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Town Says Privacy = No Response to a Burglar Alarm

  1. The solution to this is simple. The townsfolk tell the city council to fire the chief and replace him with one that isn’t an asshole. And if the city council won’t then you VOTE THEM OUT and vote in a council that WILL make the cops do their job.


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