In the Battle Between 2 Minority Communities, Who Wins?

I’m betting on no one. CLASS WAR Birmingham LGBT lessons row sees 600 pupils sent home as protests shut primary school

There is no good source. The BBC is too politically correct. (They will barely admit that the people protesting are conservative Muslim parents.) And The Sun is, well, The Sun.

So UK schools have a program to teach kids to value equality, called “No Outsiders.”

Muslim parents say they do not want their children to take part in LGBT equality lessons.

Color me shocked.

The cops, meanwhile were going about how lawful protests are bad, and the school board was looking into ways to outlaw those lawful protests. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Counter-protesters were pelted with eggs on Sunday, while Ms Hewitt Clarkson was bombarded with death threats this week.

This is a perfect example of two wrongs, not making a right. And I don’t expect it will end well.


2 thoughts on “In the Battle Between 2 Minority Communities, Who Wins?

  1. If it were white Christians protesting, not that they would because they’ve already been cowed, they would promptly have been arrested, and that would have been the end of it and similar, despite the fact that the vast majority of people resent their kids being so indoctrinated.
    The Muslims don’t get arrested because the authorities know that they have the potential for violence, solidarity within their community, and are a significantly large group that they could resist.

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