So the Hyperloop Didn’t Turn Out Quite As Planned (or as Hyped)

Elon Musk: Super Genius. Elon Musk Says “Hyperloop” Tunnel Is Now Just a Normal Car Tunnel Because “This Is Simple and Just Works”.

Yes, for those keeping score, in a mere two years we’ve gone from a futuristic vision of electric skates zooming around a variety of vehicles in a network of underground tunnels to—and I cannot stress this enough—a very small, paved tunnel that can fit one (1) car.

As I said before, this guy is all hat and no cattle. Anyway, go read the whole thing to be amazed at what Elon Musk has wrought, and how we came to this pass.

To anyone who ever believed Elon Musk’s bullshit: you’ve been had.


4 thoughts on “So the Hyperloop Didn’t Turn Out Quite As Planned (or as Hyped)

  1. Elon Musk may well go down in history as the biggest and most successful con artist of all time.
    He has hauled in literally BILLIONS of dollars from stupid investors and BILLIONS MORE from
    stupid politicians throwing tax dollars at him…..and he STILL hasn’t produced a product that is
    viable and useful over the long term. The Tesla is a gimmick….just a front for his con game.


    • It should be just about time for the early Tesla’s to need new batteries. En masse. I wonder if Tesla is still producing them.


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