3D-printed Gun Seized in Connecticut

Leftists screeching in three, two, … Waterbury Police Seize 3D-Printed Gun During Arrest.

“It’s one scary thought. Somebody can print up a gun in their own home,” said Chief James Cetran, President of the CT Police Chiefs Association.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Oh, and while he wants to ban them, he does acknowledge that criminals don’t follow the law.

“Banning them is good, but having to run across them by people who don’t follow the laws well in the first place, is a scary thought,” added Cetran.

Hat tip goes to Impro Guns, who had this to say.

This pistol seized appears to be a variation of the Songbird model with a steel tube inserted to serve as a stronger barrel. The fame was possibly intentionally broken before arrest.

So would scaredy-cat Chief Cetran be happier if the guns were made out of metal? I doubt it.

One thought on “3D-printed Gun Seized in Connecticut

  1. The bells that will ring the end of gun control are being made of 3D printed metal. When a 3D metal printer that costs close to $1k becomes available, that will be all.

    It many not take that breakthrough, though. As it is, there’s a project that makes rifled barrels using 3D printed, plastic tools and electric etching. Project ButWhatAbout? Open source, a bunch of people working on the problem. Intelligent sourcing of pipe/tube and this gets you there.

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