Rammstein, is a German group that has gotten some traction in America despite the fact that 99% of their songs are in German. (At least some of their lyrics are in English. One song anyway.) Well they just released a new album when I wasn’t looking. (On the 17th of May to be exact.) In the tradition of Rammstein, the videos are disturbing, so while this isn’t my favorite song on the album, it will do. (You need to sign into YouTube for a one of the videos to verify your age. Definitely NOT PG-13.) They play a style called Neue Deutsche Härte (or New German Hardness in English). I’m not sure if anyone else considers it to be Heavy Metal, but I do.

While they don’t make you log in to verify your age for this one, some people have said the video is still Not Safe for Work. And in general, Rammstein makes SJW’s heads explode, because they can’t be bothered to translate the lyrics. You’ve been warned, so use your best judgement.

This is “Radio” by Rammstein from their May, 2019 album Rammstein. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Settings. “Unavailable.” Use the link above.)

It’s interesting that after 25 years (or so) they finally released an album titled Rammstein. Well, I find it interesting.

And if you want the lyrics, they are at this link together with an English translation.